The Ultimate Guide to Learning Photography by CreativeLive

One issue in learning photography (or anything for that matter) is not knowing where to start! Sure starting with trial and error, and watching videos will get you going, but is it the best place to start? Conventional wisdom suggests starting at the beginning…is the best place to start (insert laugh track).  All kidding aside – it is because allows you to build a strong foundation of knowledge from which you can grow from most effectively.

Our friends over at CreativeLive have pulled together a comprehensive but easy to consume “Ultimate Guide to Learning Photography” that you should bookmark and visit often if you are looking for a terrific starting point. Whether you are just getting started or shoring up your foundation – this is a must read and bookmark for future reference!



Even the most expensive camera is worthless inside a completely dark room. We’ve come a long way from the first room-sized cameras, the essence of photography has remained the same: light. Whether you are shooting film or digital, you cannot shoot anything without light.

Post Processing

Opening Photoshop for the first time is like cracking open a fantasy novel that opens up an entirely new world of strange creatures, opposite natural laws and a completely new language. That new fantasy world is bursting with exciting possibilities, yet bogged down by so many unknowns.

What is Aperture?

Beginner photographers are often intimidated by the term exposure triangle, and think that they missed a lesson in geometry class. But the 3 components of this triangle – aperture, ISO and shutter speed – are key when learning about the technique and composition of an image.

Exposure Bracketing

Exposure bracketing can be done manually by taking a shot, adjusting the exposure compensation or shutter speed and then taking another shot. Manual exposure bracketing makes it easy to customize your bracketing based on the scene by taking more shots for high contrast scenes and fewer shots for low contrast ones.

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