Triggertrap Mobile Review

I’ve had a DSLR for close to a decade now, upgrading a few times, expanding my bag of lenses and gadgets over the years. The one thing that has always eluded me, though, is my darn cheapo camera remote. I don’t use it often and am always misplacing it. When I do end up digging it out—mostly for a time release shot or two—I swear I can never remember exactly how to put my Canon 60D in the right mode to get it to work. I had searched multiple times for apps for my iPhone, in the hopes that something existed to somehow make my smartphone and my camera play nice. When I heard about Triggertrap, I was massively intrigued.

Triggertrap kit for Canon cameras

The product is super simple to set up. When it arrived in the mail I was shocked to find only a short dongle and cable kit inside the box (you can also buy the dongle separately from the cable if you have more than one camera!) that you easily plug into your camera and your phone. You download the free app (available for iOS and Android) and after setting your camera into manual mode, you’re ready to go.

Triggertrap dongle and cable

Triggertrap can do a TON of different things, and I admit that I didn’t even have time to try all of the features because there are just so many! The app has up to 17 different modes depending on your device, including:

  • Timelapse – Travel through time
  • TimeWarp – Timelapse with acceleration
  • DistanceLapse – Perfect for road trips
  • Star Trail – Extreme exposure control to create stunning images of the night sky
  • Bramping – Bulb ramping timelapse to keep your exposure smooth
  • Sound sensor – Clap, whistle, or tap
  • Vibration sensor – Vibrations and earthquakes
  • Motion Sensor – Detect movement
  • Peekaboo – Facial recognition
  • LE HDR – Long exposure HDR sets with up to 19 exposures
  • LE HDR Timelapse – Create timelapses with all the detail of HDR

Screenshots of some of the modes available on the Triggertrap Mobile app

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. The timelapse series is super easy: You just set the number of photos you want to take and the duration for the entire set and press the button on your phone. The camera will automatically fire off the shots while the app counts down—simple as that! Timelapse is something I have always wanted to try and the Triggertrap makes it simple and fun!

The Timelapse mode screen on the Triggertrap app

All in all I would say that for $39.99 this is definitely a small investment for a ton of capability and the customer service and ease all around truly makes Triggertrap Mobile perfect for the newbie and the well-seasoned photographer alike. Well done, Triggertrap, I am just getting started with you!

Two sample shots using Triggertrap Mobile

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Triggertrap Mobile Dongle & Connection Cable Kits are available for $39.99 for over 300 camera models across 14 brands. The free app is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Visit for more information as well as for tutorials on how to harness the power of all of Triggertrap’s functions. You can see others’ results by visiting the Triggertrap Flickr pool.

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