How to Start a Photography Business

by Dylan Goldby

You’ve decided to do it. You’re going to purchase a ticket to the crazy roller coaster of starting your own photography business. Maybe you’re tired of working for “the man” or maybe you’re straight out of school and just aren’t ready for a traditional nine-to-five career. Whatever the reason, you’re about to do the scariest and most wonderful thing you’ve ever done. You’re going to start a photography business and become a professional photographer.

For the purpose of this article, I’m assuming you have the gear and know how to use it. I’m also assuming you have a good camera and can create a series of high-quality photographs under pressure. If not, this should be your first port of call. Professionals are expected to respond and solve problems under pressure while keeping their cool — the same goes for professional photographers (no matter if you want to get into wedding photography or portrait photography). This is a prerequisite of getting into any new business. You’ll want to have a wide variety of experience (not necessarily in different fields, but in different situations) before you start getting to your business plan. So, get started on building your portfolio — this will be your marketing material and help you start a successful business of new clients.

Build Your Portfolio to Create Marketing Materials for your New Business

As with any new business, you’ll need something to sell. As professional photographers, we are selling our future work and so we need to have past work to show. If a coffee shop simply promised you they could grow coffee, would you put your hard earned cash on the counter in the hope they were telling the truth?

You have to show what you want to be hired for, and that means you need to create that work. Reach out to friends and family, in the beginning, to see if anyone can help you with procuring subjects for your photography. If a family member needs editorial portraits of his workers for a promotional series, (for more on this article click here)

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