Model Photography Tips from a DIY Fashion Photographer

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Bringing your vision to life as a professional photographer generally requires more than you, a Canon or Nikon camera and a photo session. You need a subject – and, if you’re a lifestyle or fashion photographer, that subject is often a real model. But where do you find the right model for fashion or portrait photography photo shoots?

Typically, fashion photographers connect with model agencies when finding models for their photo shoots and go through a casting call process. However, agencies can be expensive, and if you’re a beginner photographer, they may be hesitant to work with you. Instead, it’s best to steer away from professional models who might also need some experience — it’s a mutually beneficial relationship, and will help keep your studio photography credit card expenses down.

Model-scouting is something fashion photographer Amanda Diaz knows very well. Amanda has spent a lot of time making other people look stunning – so stunning, in fact, that you’d be surprised to learn that they aren’t the paid agency models you’d expect them to be. Amanda built her portfolio of portrait photography by being resourceful about where she found everything from set pieces to apparel to the models themselves. During her CreativeLive course, DIY Fashion Photography,  she shared some quick tips on how to find models that are talented, easy to work with — and, often, bring an extra something special to a shoot.

1. Scour modeling Facebook groups.

The people you’ll find in Facebook groups for model photography subjects are generally freelance and non-agency models — but that doesn’t mean they can’t do the job, and do it well.

“These girls don’t belong to an agency because they are maybe an inch too short, but some of my best shoots have been non-agency girls,” Amanda says. Most modeling agencies have strict regulations and expectations, and can even cost money to join — thus, individuals who want to get experience modeling, or just like to work in fashion photography turn to these kinds of groups to get exposure. Additionally, non-agency models often have a slightly (for more on this article click here)


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