Mirrorless camera teaser by Nikon – Photographers’ Impressions

With less than 3 days until official reveal of their long awaited next generation of full-frame Nikon mirrorless camera they continue their  tease series of videos and the latest is “Photographers’ Impresssions” featuring impressions from three photographers that beta tested the camera.  

Vivien Liu – Urban Architect and Photographer:  “Having a camera I could take anywhere with me is great because the more pictures you take the greater it is for a creative.  Shooting becomes very addictive, because of the results.”

Marsel Van Oosten – Nature Photographer:  “It feels just like a DSLR but physically it’s totally different because it’s so lightweight.   It is really great that I can still use all of my f mount lenses on this new camera.”

Brandon Woelfel, Social Media Creator: “It’s so reliable and I’m always able to capture the most spontaneous moments.   I really like that if you zoom in your still super sharp.”

Nikon Full-frame Mirrorless – less than 3 days until the reveal!


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