Lightroom Tips by Lightroom Coffee Break

Are you looking for quick Lightroom tips that are in easy to consume bite-sized servings? Well then, Adobe is releasing a bi-monthly video series hosted by longtime Lightroom team member Benjamin Warde. Going live on the Lightroom YouTube channel every other week, these quick tip videos are designed to share helpful Lightroom tips and tricks in 60 seconds or less.

Check out Ben’s latest Lightroom Coffee Breaks!

In this video, Ben explains how to add Key Words with less hassle.

In this Coffee Break, Ben explains how to use the Targeted Adjustment Tool.

Here, Ben explains rating photos with Auto Advance.

Ben explains how to easily update local adjustments with Multiple Sliders in Lightroom.

In this video, Ben shows users how to sharpen photos with the View Mask feature.

Many more video scheduled in small tips format coming every other week.

If you are interested in more Lightroom tips – check out the original video series created by and Jackie D:

Lightroom Video Tutorials:
1. Digital Photography Developing
2. Introduction to Lightroom Tabs: Library
3. Introduction to Lightroom: Importing Images
4. Introduction to Lightroom Tabs: Develop
5. Introduction to Lightroom: Exporting Images
6. Basic Image Development in Lightroom: General Edits
7. Basic Image Development in Lightroom: Color Editing
8. Basic Image Development in Lightroom: Special Tools
9. Creating a Lightroom Slideshow
10. Basic Printing with Lightroom
11. Advanced Printing with Lightroom
12. Creating a Lightroom Preset
13. Navigating Lightroom: The Map Mode
14. Navigating Lightroom: The Web Mode
15. Introduction to Building a Portfolio in Lightroom
16. Introduction to Creating an Album in Lightroom – Part I

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