Jasmine Star on the Photographer-Client Relationship and Staying Inspired

by Hillary Grigonis from blog.creativelive.com

The best photographs are when the perfect moment unfolds in front of the lens—but the best photographers don’t always wait for that moment. Sometimes, they have to create it.

Before Jasmine Star become one of the best wedding photographers around and before her images lined the pages of top wedding magazines, she found herself looking at images from her first few sessions in 2006 that were, well, simply underwhelming. “I realized my pictures were lackluster because my subjects were lackluster…but it wasn’t their fault, it was mine,” she said. “It was almost as if I was looking, watching, and waiting for the right moments.”

That waiting often meant the right moment wasn’t captured at all. Cameras tend to make most people nervous, and they’ll look nervous in the photos if nothing changes. How do you change that? Jasmine shares a bit of what needs to happen to create an atmosphere between the photographer and the client to create those perfect moments.

What should the photographer do to create a dynamic with the client?

Some photographers naturally have an outgoing personality and find it easy to put their subjects at ease. For others, it’s a difficult step outside their comfort zone. Jasmine, a self-described wall flower gardener, would rather sit back and watch the scene unfold than become the center of attention. But when she realized she wanted to be a wedding photographer at age 25, she quickly recognized that things needed to change.

I quickly learned that if I wasn’t capturing the type of photos I wanted, it was because I wasn’t giving my subjects anything to do, or even encouragement or a transfer of energy,” she said. “My subjects usually show up to a shoot nervous, shy, intimidated and it’s my job to be in control, take charge, and make them feel like they’re the center of the universe.”

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