How To Get Started In Photography

For some getting started in anything new the question always remains – “where do I start?”.   Building a solid foundation for your journey to mastery is critical otherwise we tend to find knowledge gaps and learn the hard way.  Now “learning paths” set up by CreativeLive will make it easy on you.

What you’ll find is a new, faster way to crush your goals. No more auto mode! Beyond the buttons, learn to frame a subject like a pro and use easy Photoshop techniques to create the pictures that inspired you to buy that DSLR in the first place.

Classes in the “How To Get Started In Photography” learning path include:

The Photography Starter Kit for Beginners – with John Greengo

Not sure where to begin?  Learn the basics.  From important functions to lighting and composition, get confident with your camera.
John Greengo is a well known veteran instructor for CreativeLive and here is what he had to say about this course:  “Photography is really an art, but it’s an art based on technology, and if you don’t have a good handle on the technology, you’ll never get to the good art part, and so you have to understand those technical elements you don’t have to be a master, you just have to know enough to do what you want to do.
I think this class is perfect for somebody who is just wanting to start to get into photography because it’s a nice short class and it gets right down to the basics of what’s most important.  The shutter speed, the aperture, the ISO, focusing,  light and composition.  I am a visual learner and I did not learn well in a lot of things in school, but photography I picked up quickly because it was very visual…and so I’ve made this class in a way that nobody else out there makes a class, I haven’t seen anything like this, I do everything very very visually on screen, so if you can learn by just looking at the screen, you were going to learn tons of stuff in this class.”

Download, Organize and Share Your Photos with KHARA PLICANIC

Goal of this class is to create a plan to effectively manage & maintaining an ever growing collection of photos.

Basics Of Digital Workflow

You’ve figured out the basics of your camera and have filled up your card with memories, but now what? Khara Plicanic covers exactly how to move your images from camera to computer and then share with your family and friends. You’ll learn:
  • Basic file management-how to organize and keyword your images
  • How to share your images on social media
  • How to make an album with your images or export print ready files

Beyond DSLR Basics: Composition and Lighting with Julia Kelleher

Julia Kelleher shares her thoughts on this class: “Knowing the functions of your camera is one thing and its great place to start, but to truly make incredible images, its a lot more than just pushing buttons. In this class, I will teach you to set yourself up for success, with all the tips and tricks you need behind the lens. You’ll be running how to take beautiful portraits with different lighting techniques that flatter people the most, you will posing and talk how to photograph kids and work with them so that you get the most genuine images and expressions possible from it well.  discuss it forces and how to stagger people and post them so that everybody looks good and more for you, and then we’ll talk about product Aponte thing from jewelry to food to even antipodes that you sell online plus, what about marketing images images you need on your blog or your Facebook headers, especially if you sell services, we’ll get into advanced techniques about modifiers and how to influence the light using flash and strobes in a studio environment.  After this class you will feel like you can grow your photography skills and make images that you are truly proud of.”

Beginner Photo Retouching Techniques with KHARA PLICANIC

Learn the basics of retouching your images in Photoshop. Get comfortable with the clone stamp and healing brush tools, and see how they can complement each other by using them in tandem. You’ll also learn to retouch using techniques like dodging and burning, and come up with your own set of best practices for your work.

Taking these four classes is a terrific place to start if you are interested in learning photography from top industry professionals.  These classes were curated to provide you the best starting point in your journey to doing what you want to do with photography.  The sky is the limit once you have the right foundation.

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