Everything CreativeLive Instructors Did (and Didn’t) Learn In School

by CreativeLive Staff

With summer coming to a close and the beginning of the school year just around the corner, we asked some of our instructors to reminisce about their own time in the classroom — and this time, not as teachers. Below are some of the learnings and memories our community of instructors shared about how their education developed both inside and outside of the classroom.

Kelly Brown

“I’ve always been drawn to more creative subjects like art and textiles so during high school I excelled more in those subjects but when I moved onto college I studies business and office administration which I’ve been able to implement into the everyday running of my photography business. But it was after the arrival of my first baby that really sparked my passion for photography. I didn’t want to miss a second of her growing up so I took hundreds of photos every week.


At school you’re tested and graded, you either pass or fail.  It wasn’t until entering the workforce — especially starting my own business — that I realized making mistakes was how I learned, it’s part of the process. I’ve now learned to embrace each and every failure and not fear them because if you’re not learning you’re not evolving.”

Kelly Brown is a portrait photographer, specializing in newborn and baby portraiture. Her nurturing desire to capture her family as it grows led to launching her business Little Pieces of Photography in 2005. Check out her CreativeLive courses here.

Ann Rea

“So many artists think that they need to attend art school to be successful. But the average tuition at the top 42 art schools in North America costs over $50,000 a year. Two years after I graduated from a top school I had to stop making art and focus on paying back my student loan debt.

If you want to be a successful artist, you’ll need to learn what they don’t teach you in art school, and what they can’t teach you in business school.”

Ann Rea is on a personal mission to destroy the (for more instructors on this article click here)


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