Creative Photo Challenge No. 4 – High-Key Portraits (w/ DIY Softbox)

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Get Challenge No. 4 – High-Key Portraits (w/ DIY Softbox!) right now!

Soft Boxes can create a beautiful glowing light, but you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get one! Achieve the same look with items you have laying around the house too. In this challenge, Lindsay will use two DIY soft boxes using a bed sheet and a shower curtain to create a high-key fashion portrait.

Here’s what’s happening with the 2017 Creative Photo Challenge: Voting for Unusual Angle has just wrapped up last Sunday. We had many great submissions and a ton of voting. Today Lindsay Adler and CreativeLive are happy to announce two champions!

Challenge No. 2 Unusual Angle Adler’s Choice Champion –  Siam Simon.


Challenge No. 2 Unusual Angle Peoples Choice Champion – Shy o Ob.

Learn more about Shy and her work right here.

Great work you two! We are pleased to award you with gifts from CreativeLive, Lindsay Adler, Artifact Uprising, and Lonely Planet!


Now, the finalists for Challenge No. 3 are posted. So go vote on your favorites!

Get Challenge No. 4 – High-Key Portraits (w/ DIY Softbox!) right now!

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