How to Create a Photography Portfolio That Will Show off Your Best Work

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Last year, my photography website got hacked. It took me about four months to get it back up, mainly because I wanted to make the most of the situation and implement a complete redesign. The worst part of that headache wasn’t the web design process itself, but rather the excruciating process of selecting a new portfolio.

Whether you’re creating a wordpress portfolio or utilizing a hosting site like Squarespace, a photographer’s portfolio website is, perhaps, the most important tool they have to market both their work and themselves. Besides something posted on social media, an online portfolio is usually the first set of images a prospective client sees when seeking out, or even stumbling up, a photographer’s work. As with most things that are critical to a business, building photography portfolio websites isn’t easy; it takes time, effort, and difficult decisions to come out with a great portfolio. Here are some things I’ve learned over the years about how to build a great photography portfolio in order to showcase your amazing photography and put your best foot forward.

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Limit Your Portfolio Site to Your Absolute Best Photos

Unfortunately, most forms of art are defined by their weakest links. If a book, or a movie, or a song — or anything that is composed of a series of parts — has a great climax, but the parts leading up to it and coming after it isn’t any good, then the audience won’t see the work as a whole as good. The same goes for a photography portfolio. Regardless of your photography style or subjects, if you have a bad image (or, god forbid, a series of bad images) in your portfolio, that’s the one that people will tend to remember, and they’ll begin to judge your best work based on your worst. If you’re going to be defined by your weakest image, it will serve you well if your weakest image is still a great (for more on this article click here)

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