The Business of Photography 101

by Kathy Holcombe June 4, 2018 featured, photo & video

People are often compelled to start a photography business simply because they love to create images. If this sounds familiar, you know you can save yourself precious time, heartache and likely thousands of dollars by giving your images away for FREE.

Yes, you read that right. If you’re not focused on the business of photography, skip it. By giving your images away, you will likely line your pockets with MORE money!


Ok, that might be a little extreme, but in over 15 years of teaching the business of photography to thousands of photographers, it is certainly more likely than not that a new photography business will end up losing money over the first three months rather than making money. In other words, most new photographers pay money, often in the sum of thousands of dollars, for the privilege of calling themselves a professional. Here’s how it typically goes down.

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Phase One – Building Confidence: In the startup phase of a business, an aspiring professional wants to test the waters to see if people actually find value in their work. They give away their work in the name of getting their name out there and building a portfolio.

Phase Two – The Transition: Once a photographer gains confidence and begins to feel the workload of a growing business, they feel compelled to actually charge for their work. This is often the critical juncture that will determine the long term success or failure of a business.  While some budding business owners compulsively educate themselves of the nuances of running a business (and become the few who succeed), the rest look to their competitors to figure out what to do next. They compare their work to their competitors, copy their pricing structure and then discount enough to compensate for the difference in quality. Photographers are a humble bunch. They typically don’t increase prices more than their competitors, so the price of photography just (for more on this article click here)

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