• Just to comment on the Tom Ang history from DK Press:

    If you've read a bit about early history of photography, some of the opening treatment can take an effort to get through, but the last 3/4 or more of the book is superb. It is also the least Eurocentric history of the field that I know of.

    Credit also to Nicky Munro-

    from Tom Ang's Acknowledgments:

    The concept and scope of this book had been developed over several years by Nicky Munro, who I had the privilege to have as my editor on nearly 20 books. Tragically, and to our profound loss, Nicky died before she could start work on this book- her most keenly anticipated project. But it still bears the hallmarks of her genius for making fine books and her love of photography. I dedicate this work to her memory, in the hope that it meets her high and exacting standards.