Back to School Pictures: Creative Ways to Document Your Kids Through the Years

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It’s that time of year again – your little ones are heading back to school to be reunited with friends, teachers and the playground! Whether it’s the first day of kindergarten or the final day of high school, every year is a special occasion.

So why would your back to school pictures not be as creative and unique as each year of your child’s life?  Step away from those run-of-the-mill front porch images or the classic running to catch the school bus shots! As the first day of school approaches, think about every year as a unique, equally important chapter of your child’s life. Get creative! Maybe each year has its own theme or perhaps you incorporate school supplies into the mix. Here’s just one creative back to school photo idea you can play with:

The beginning of the school year means a fresh start – fresh new school outfits, backpacks, colored pencils, haircuts – and very excited kids to show it all off.

For your kindergartners or a young child, play with all the new school supplies or school items. Maybe you could grab a small desk and add little props like a chalkboard sign or white board to give them their own little classroom…

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Incorporate their favorite reading books, crayons, and maybe even that classic apple for the teacher.

Or maybe they want to play teacher!

Throw in some maps, rulers and reading glasses to give it a playful yet authentic academic look.

For an older child, try experimenting on the school grounds or school classroom. Whether it’s an elementary school or a middle school, your kids spend an important era of their life primarily in that one location. Try capturing some images in the entryway or under the school’s sign. Maybe your child is more at home on the playground; bring hopscotch, swings and monkey bars in the equation!

Don’t forget about their friends. Recruit a few of your child’s best friends and have a back to (for more on this article click here)

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