8 Beach Photography Tips For Unique Summer Shots

by Hillary Grigonis excerpt from blog.creativelive.com

Popular summer destinations are ripe with creative possibilities — and bursting with overdone clichés. The sun, sand, and waves make the beach one of those great places. Photographing the beach means balancing between shooting the image that everyone has already seen and the great photo that makes everyone itch to dip their toes in the sand. Add in the fact that sand and water can spell death for a camera, and capturing a great beach shot isn’t easy to do.

Try these eight beach photography tips to get in on the fun and move from the cliche coastal image to postcard-worthy perfect shots.

Protect your gear.

Water is an obvious hazard for any electronics, but new photographers often don’t realize that sand can be just as disastrous. I couldn’t photograph the Grand Canyon because sand had gotten stuck inside the lens barrel of my travel camera. Sand will prevent lens barrels from moving, scratch the lens, and for interchangeable lens cameras, get inside and have you Photoshopping random spots out of every single image for eternity.

Use a rain cover even if you don’t plan on taking the camera near the water and keep your camera in an enclosed case when you’re not shooting. Avoid switching lenses while at the beach and keep the lens front protected with a uv filter.

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And before you try underwater photography, make sure you know the difference between waterproof and water-resistant and which category your camera falls under. With any wet camera, make sure to completely dry the camera before tucking it in the back or opening the SD card or battery compartment.

Avoid shooting towards the sun if you can, and use fill flash if you can’t.

The sun that just begs a few minutes on a beach towel isn’t always the best light source for beach photography. If the sun is high but behind you, you’ll get bright blue (more on this article click here)

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