5 Tips to Marketing Your Portrait Photography Business

Excerpt from www.creativelive.com/blog

You started your portrait photography business, but how do you find your clients and how do your dream clients find you? Well, there is no magic trick or easy answer. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. It also requires you to take a step back and focus on who you want as a client. Who will love your work and who will help you to grow? I ran a portrait studio business for years and want to share my experiences. Here are five tips to marketing your portrait photography business.

1. Know Your Client

When you are trying to reach an audience, it is important to know who you are talking to.  When I first started my portrait business, I made a list of the qualities of my “dream” client.  I listed all the qualities that this client would possess.  For me, most of my business was portraits of children and families, so my list would include things like: does this client have small children, where does the family live, what type of stores the mom would shop in, etc.  Once I made a list of who my dream client was, it was easier for me to make decisions on the voice our company would have to attract those clients.  I was able to take a look at other retail companies or stores where this client would shop, and take a look at the sort of messaging those companies were using to attract their clients and see what sort of trends were popular in the marketplace.

2. Get Social

One of the goals of marketing a business is creating buzz….getting people talking about the product you provide and the customer experience clients can expect.  I wanted everyone in my community to be buzzing about my business, so I set out to become not only a company with a great product and a stellar experience but also a company that gave back to the community.  When all things are equal and there is an abundance of competition, people want  (for more on this article click here)


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