2018 Guide: Good Cameras for Photography Based on Level of Expertise

Excerpt from blog.creativelive.com

The often addressed but seemingly difficult to answer question, ‘What is a good camera for photography in 2018?’ plagues entry-level and advanced photographers alike. This is a challenging question first and foremost because all cameras these days are of good quality. But what is the best camera for you? If you’ve outgrown the point-and-shoot camera, you may be looking for the best DSLR camera or possibly the best compact camera. Your specific use case is extremely important in the decision, so I’ll give you a little help on that as well.

When you’re considering a new camera, considering what it will be used for will give you a good starting place for finding the perfect model for you. Especially if you’re getting your first camera or you’re not invested in a system already, the number of choices can be overwhelming. By considering your needs and being honest with yourself, you can narrow those choices down. Once we’ve gone over a few recommendations, we’ll take a look at two use cases and choose a camera for the photographer.

The Entry-Level Model

If you’re a hobbyist or simply picking up your first camera to start working with something more capable than your phone, it’s hard to recommend anything other than a mirrorless camera. A few years back, I’d have suggested you opt for an entry-level DSLR but for the same cost now, you can get a more capable and easier to use mirrorless camera system.

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The Sony Alpha a6300 or Sony Alpha a6500 are great options, or even the older Sony RX10 Mark II (or Sony RX100 if you are willing to max out on your spending). They have a modern styling and superior autofocus. They have all the bells and whistles of good low-light performance, WiFi connectivity and battery life, not to mention good lenses for pairing.

Both cameras have good autofocus systems that help to create great image quality when you’re just starting out and give you enough (for more on this article and Intermediate level cameras and advanced level cameras click here)


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